3rd International Colloquium - Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme

08/31/2011 - 09/02/2011
Venue name: 
Danish Design Center
Copenhagen, Denmark

From the event website:

"This colloquium brings together leading members of the scientific community utilizing navigation systems and signals for their research.  The aim of this colloquium is to review the most recent progress in the field and to compare possibilities of using navigation satellites such as Galileo for scientific purposes."

Discussion Topics:

Earth Sciences
E01 Geodesy
E02 Geodynamics
E03 Global Tectonics
E04 Reference Frames
E05 Ionosphere
E06 Troposphere / Tomography
E07 Climatology
E08 Disaster monitoring
E09 Gravity field
E10 Remote sensing of Earth / Ocean
E11 GNSS reflectometry
P01 Space-Time symmetries
P02 Fundamental constants
P03 Relativistic reference frames
P04 Equivalence Principle
P05 General Relativity and beyond
P06 Astrometry, VLBI, Pulsar Timing
M01 Atomic Clocks (Optical and Maser)
M02 Galileo timing system
M03 Time scales and time comparison
M04 Inter-satellite links
M05 Precise Orbit and gravity field determination
M06 Signal propagation aspects
M07 Positioning and navigation

The Gfgsquared project has submitted an abstract to this conference and it has been accepted for oral presentation in session 7 New Challenges in GNSS Science (Friday 2nd at 9:20). Come and see us!