First Gfg2 Consultation Workshop - Identification of Global Environmental Earth Observation Needs

Venue name: 
Forskningsparken - Oslo Innovation Centre
Oslo, Norway

The workshop brought together potential users of GNSS applications and GNSS experts to investigate whether and how GNSS satellites can be used, now and in the future, to address the 9 societal benefit areas around which GEOSS is exerting its efforts.

The main objective of the workshop were to:

  • consolidate needs of Global Environmental Earth Observation and GEOSS experts that can be covered with GNSS technology

In addition to the previous this workshop also:

  • set the basis for the identification of novel GNSS applications for Global Environmental Earth Observation and GEOSS




Forskningsparken, CIENS
Gaustadalléen 21
N-0349 OSLO, Norway

Meeting room: Via



The meeting agenda, minutes, and all presentations given at the workshop can be downloaded from the list below (in some cases file size had to be reduced for web publishing).

Gfg2 First Workshop Agenda228.92 KB
Cristina Martin-Puig, Workshop intro2.34 MB
James Garrison, overview1.71 MB
Christopher Buck, overview2.99 MB
Herbert Prins, Ecosystems/Biodiversity1.4 MB
Tiejun Wang, Ecosystems/Biodiversity1.11 MB
Andrea Steiner, Weather/Climate2.42 MB
Kalev Rannat, GCOS-Climate2.43 MB
Eric Goodyer, Health2.08 MB
Alexander Rudloff, Disasters7.85 MB
Jean-Francois Berthoumieu, Agriculture3.87 MB
Gonzalo Martin-De-Mercado, Energy888.19 KB
Michael Nyenhuis, EUGENE-Climate/Water/Disasters1.49 MB
Workshop minutes354.26 KB