Second Gfg2 Consultation Workshop - New GNSS Applications

Venue name: 
GFZ Potsdam
Potsdam, Germany

The first Gfg2 consultation workshop (Oslo, Norway) served to identify some key needs from the Global Environmental Earth Observation community which might be addressed by GNSS technology (conclusions report to be posted soon). This second workshop intends to evalute this set of needs and provide GNSS solutions when possible by suggesting the use of current GNSS technologies, or proposing new GNSS applications.

To this aim a group of GNSS experts will gather during one intense day in Potsdam at GFZ premises.

Who can participate? all the community is welcome to register to the workshop and attend the discussion. Unfortunately, a limited number of grants to provide travel economical support are available, and only a few participants will benefit from them, having priority those with GNSS background.

The core team will also invite a table of keynote speakers to support and encourage the discussion among the attendees.

Registrations is open till 30th March. However, participants applying for travel grants must fill in the registration form before March 18th.

Check our Gfg2 group latest news for further information!


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