GNSS Software developers

Applications that require a cheap, light, compact unit that can be operational for months or even years are so far not suited to GNSS, this is the case especially for tracking animals.  The hardware is becoming much cheaper; a mass-produced chipset can now be produced for about 1 euro.  However, battery developments are not keeping pace for reducing size, weight while extending operational life. 

One solution is to reduce the amount of power required by the receiver/transmitter for applications where constant real-time data is not required, by transmitting pulses of “raw” data to be computed elsewhere.  Software Based Receivers SBR) or Software Defined Radio GNSS (SDR) becoming more common, most universities researching GNSS will be active in this field, and so they are not listed below, unless they are actively promoting products for use beyond their own researchers.

Developers in the field of SBR and SDR

Aerospace Research and Technology Centre

Cross Country Wireless


Fraunhofer IIS

GNSS-SDR  (open source SDR)


Leica Geosystems


National Instruments


NAVSYS Corporation



One Talent GNSS